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  ZARP A Network Attacking Tool Zarp is a network attack tool centered around the exploitation of local networks. This does not include system exploitation,[…]

ब्रिटिश वैज्ञानिकों ने नई तरह के टचस्‍क्रीन मटेरियल को खोजा है जो सूर्य की सीधी रोशनी में उच्‍च दृश्‍यता वाली है और इसे चलने के[…]

In the upcoming posts we will be talking about basic malware analysis and we will start with discussing the many different Basic Malware Analysis Tools which[…]

In this tutorial we will be covering Dynamic Malware Analysis Tools which are used to analyse activity after the execution of malware in virtual machines. We will be looking at tools like Procmon,[…]

In this article we will be looking at the different kinds of malware and what they do. When performing static or dynamic malware analysis it[…]