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Due to a recent intriguing client pentest we became increasingly interested in finding and documenting ways to extract data from spreadsheets using out of band[…]

Red Hat has been made aware of a command injection flaw found in a script included in the DHCP client (dhclient) packages in Red Hat[…]

Introduction How does a deployable web-application know where it is? Creating a trustworthy absolute URI is trickier than it sounds. Developers often resort to the[…]

About CVE-2018-7600 On 28 March 2018, the Drupal core security team released security advisory SA-CORE-2018-002 which discusses a highly critical vulnerability CVE-2018-7600, later nicknamed drupalgeddon2. The vulnerability is[…]

Linux:  Got a path/directory traversal or file disclosure vulnerability on a Linux-server and need to know some interesting files to hunt for? I’ve got you[…]