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An Indian security researcher has discovered a highly critical flaw in X.Org Server package that impacts OpenBSD and most Linux distributions, including Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Red Hat,[…]

In Linux everything is a file, including directories and devices that have permissions to allow or restricted three operations i.e. read/write/execute. When admin set permission[…]

Due to a recent intriguing client pentest we became increasingly interested in finding and documenting ways to extract data from spreadsheets using out of band[…]

The attacks are categorized as follows: Denial-of-Service Attacks Classic XXE Advanced XXE Server-Side Requst Forgery (SSRF) XInclude XSLT Your can also check out our large-scale parser[…]

It’s been said a million times before: security scanning tools are a necessity for pen-testing, information gathering, and sometimes general computer use. When fulfilled, a[…]